Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

The highly reputable Citizenship by Investment Programme in Dominica invites investors of good character to make an economic contribution to Dominica and in exchange, the applicant and their family are eligible to obtain full citizenship of the country, within the strict guidelines of the law.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica has been operating since 1993 and is legally entrenched in the Dominican Constitution and the Citizenship Act.

Under current regulations, to qualify for citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica under its Citizenship by Investment Program, the Government requires either a contribution made into the Government Fund amounting to $100,000 depending on the number of dependents included in the application or an investment in designated Real Estate with a value of at least $200,000.

Additional payments for any dependents included in an application, due diligence fees, government fees and other fees are also payable.


I. Age of Child Dependants

The maximum age of qualifying child dependants is increased to thirty years, as follows:

The meaning of “dependant” in Regulation 2, paragraph (c) of the Principal Regulations is amended to “a child of the main applicant or his or her spouse between eighteen and thirty years…”

V. Processing Fee

The US$3,000 processing fee is reduced to US$1000 for the submission of applications under the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

VI. Certificate of Naturalisation Fee

The Certificate of Naturalisation Fee is reduced from US$750 per certificate to US$250 per certificate.



The first step for applying for Citizenship is to choose an Authorised Agent from the list of the Authorised Agents. Applications for citizenship cannot be submitted directly to the Citizenship by Investment Unit and must only be handled by an Authorised Agent.

An “authorised agent” means a person licensed by the Citizenship by Investment Unit who has paid the authorised agent’s fee pursuant to paragraph 1(1) of the Schedule to these Regulations and is authorised to act on behalf of the main applicant in relation to a citizenship by investment application.


The second step is to contact your chosen Authorised Agent who will provide you with assistance in preparing your documentation for submission to the CBIU.

You will need to complete the official forms, attend a medical examination and obtain certain supporting documents, all of which need to be submitted in English and with the appropriate legalization.

If you are purchasing property, this will need to be reserved through a sales and purchase agreement at this point.

Your Agent will be able to advise you on the preparation of the documents and how to have them legalised.


When all of your forms are complete, the Agent will submit the application to the CBIU of Dominica and will liaise with the Unit relating to all correspondence, queries or questions on your file that may arise in due course.

There is currently no mandatory interview requirement for the Dominican Citizenship by Investment Program, however an interview may be required at the discretion of the government.


Your application will be vetted through a thorough due diligence background check which will verify the information that you have provided.

The CBIU will consider the file in the light of the due diligence report, and will take a decision about your application. You will receive a letter through your agent which will inform you whether your application has been successful, has been delayed for further processing or has been rejected.


If your application is successful, the CBIU will issue a letter instructing you to make the investment payment (for the Government Fund option) or to complete the payment of the real estate property.

Upon receiving proof of the payment, the CBIU will issue the certificate of registration which will be able to be used by your agent to apply for a Dominican passport.


The Government Fund was established through the Citizenship by Investment Programme as one component of a national capital mobilization portfolio towards an ultimate goal of national development for Dominica.

Generated funds are utilised for public and private sector projects where a need is identified.

Public sector projects identified for financing under the Programme include, but are not limited to, (1) building of schools, (2) renovation of the hospital, (3) building of a national sports stadium, and (4) towards the promotion of the offshore sector.

With respect to private sector projects, Government emphasis is on the tourism, information technology and agricultural sectors and therefore public sector projects to be financed under the Programme will fall within one of these sectors.

To qualify for citizenship under this investment option, there are four investment categories with different contribution amounts, based on the number of dependants included in the application, which are as follows:

1. Single Applicant: a non-refundable contribution of $100,000 is required

2. Main Applicant and Spouse: a non-refundable contribution of $175,000 is required

3. Main Applicant with up to three qualifying dependants : a non-refundable contribution of $200,000 is required.

4. For an additional qualifying dependant, other than a spouse, a non-refundable contribution of $25,000 per dependant is required .

In addition to the contribution made into the Government Fund, certain fees are also payable including, but not limited to, due diligence fees.


To qualify for citizenship of Dominica under the Real Estate Option of the Citizenship by Investment Programme, an applicant must purchase authorized real estate to the minimum value of $200,000.

The real estate must be held for 3 years and may be eligible for re-sale under the Citizenship by Investment Programme after 5 years from the grant of citizenship.


In addition to the capital investment required for the selected investment option, additional fees are payable by each family member.

These comprise of the following:


$1,000 per application


Main Applicant – $7,500*
Spouse – $4,000
Dependant aged 16+ – $4,000
*In some cases, enhanced due diligence may be required.


Fee for Certificate of Naturalisation – $250 per person
Expedited passport issue fee – $1,200 per person


In addition to the minimum investment required of $200,000 for the Real Estate Option, the following government fees are applicable for the main applicant and any accompanying dependants:

  • $25,000 for the Main Applicant;
  • $35,000 for the Main Applicant applying with his or her spouse;
  • $35,000 for a family of up to four persons, including the Main Applicant and up to three dependants
  • $50,000 for a family of up to six persons, including the Main Applicant and up to five dependants; or
  • $70,000 for a family of seven persons or more, including the Main Applicant and six or more dependants